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Stop following stale strategies

Instead, learn to attract, and find love that lasts

Finally find and fall in love with the partner of your dreams who loves you for who you really are and wants to spend the rest of your lives together in a happy, harmonious, romantic and lasting relationship.

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Very informative. Great insights. Only do this if you want to have a successful relationship.


What a journey!
Do it, may you never be the same.


Gabriele knows more about matchmaking than just about anyone. I honestly went from someone who never thought I would find an amazing partner to now being someone who is excited about it and actually doing it!


So simple, but I never looked at it that way.


Before I took this course, I never knew that you could make mistakes when falling in love. Now I know what went wrong in my last relationship. Thank you!


Learning about the filter confirmed a few things I thought about lately. It makes sense. Knowing more about matchmaking helps me to increase my certainty about what I want for myself.

Meet Luke

He has been struggling to find The One to spend the rest of his life with. Every new relationship turns the vision in his mind into the reality of a woman who hurts him. He bends over backwards to make it work.

His job provides him with a great income, and he saves part of it but fears to end up being a living cash-cow if he keeps falling in love with the same type of personality.

His dream is a romantic lifelong love for the lady who loves him without him having to change for her. Looking at his friends, he feels unhappy and lonely.

Then he joined the Secret Love Vault

Luke can’t believe his luck! Soon after he entered the Secret Love Vault and completed the first masterclass a lightbulb went off that changed his life. He learned why his past relationships failed and how to avoid the same traps in the future. He knows where he went off the trail that will lead him to love like Romeo & Juliet without the trouble of having to die.

After discovering the major steps on the road to finding The One to be with for the rest of his life, he now has a strategy to find and keep his future love that will love him back for the rest of their lives together.

What if the path to a happy & lasting relationship could be easy and free of upsets?

If you

  • Are frustrated over falling in love with the wrong person,
  • Feel that you have been single for too long,
  • Are heart-broken because of a series of short-term relationships
  • Are longing for The One that you can spend the rest of your life with,

you have arrived at the right place.

3 Masterclasses that will

  • Give you clarity on the 5 most common mistakes we make when falling in love
  • Lay out the exact roadmap you need to follow to arrive in a long-lasting, romantic relationship of your dreams
  • The one reason that causes you to fall in love with the same type that hurts you or is not good for you

Does this sound familiar?

  1. You feel there are not enough potential singles around you.
  2. Good women, good men are in a relationship, they are not single.
  3. In your past relationships you felt used, were asked to change. You did not feel loved or appreciateed.
  4. You are a bit too self-concious but still don't think the upsets in your past relationships were only your fault.
  5. You feel you have tried “everything” to find your perfect match.

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Hi, I am Gabriele, your Matchmaker

I am a relationship specialist, author, and speaker who started in matchmaking in Hollywood, CA in 2001.

While this career move was not initially planned, matchmaking became second nature to me.

As I was learning the trade, I discovered that singles are likely to repeat past mistakes unless they become educated in the rules of dating, love, and relationships.

So I began working with clients and dramatically increased their success rate. Many of them found love within days or weeks.

In 2006, I started giving seminars in 9 countries across Europe, teaching singles and couples alike. In 2016, I founded my own matchmaking service in Vienna, Austria.

Yes, I am married and in this relationship since 2013.

I have been featured in a series of radio shows on love, dating and relationships, and write for my column about love and dating in an online lifestyle magazine. 

I’ll be honest with you:

Getting to a point where I can teach this stuff about love and relationships wasn’t easy.


  • There is no school that teaches matchmaking in this way out there.
  • In 1998 I went through a divorce myself.
  • I fell in love and experienced broken hearts a few times.


Yet this was the perfect prerequisite for this! I went through it myself!

I understand my clients - been there, done that. Cried and laughed myself. Searched, attracted, found my perfect match, and got married.

This took a while:

When I started out in matchmaking in 2011, I was just helping to scan, crop and upload pictures that came in the mail. I knew little about how to run a matchmaking service.

I had just found a new love and thought that he would be the one. Well, turned out he wasn’t, I had not yet learned all my lessons yet.


But then …

I saw all these great people that had joined the matchmaking service in Hollywood, California. Sometimes I noticed they were making the same stupid mistakes that I had done myself.


That was the point when I realized

that no matter how successful you might be in your career, you still learned nothing about love and relationships.

In a way, that made me feel better, believe it or not.


Being so close to so many wonderful men and women, I learned what to do and what not to do by observation.


I also understand that this is a kind of insider-knowledge that most matchmakers don’t like to give away.


My job is to pass on successful strategies that help singles find and fall in love with their perfect partner.

The best thing is this:


  • Broken hearts heal
  • Men find love
  • Women find love
  • More matches occur

You too can find and keep your ideal partner without having your heart broken, without upsets, without being disillusioned after a while.

A great future awaits you, full of love from The One that loves you just the way you are, where you can grow individually as well as a couple.


Sign up.

Open the vault.


May you never be the same.

Can't wait to see you inside.

Love, Gabriele

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