Dig deep into the Secret Love Vault 

It will show you the path to lasting romance, love, and your soulmate.

You will discover :

  1. The reason for past failures,
  2. How to avoid them,
  3. How to experience the love you deserve.

This vault contains:

  1. Masterclass: Roadmap to Love Like Romeo & Juliet Without the Trouble of Having to Die
  2. Masterclass: 5 Most Common Mistakes When Falling in Love
  3. Masterclass: The Key to Long-lasting Relationships
  4. Printable copy of the Roadmap to Love Like Romeo & Juliet Without the Trouble of Having to Die
  5. Weekly tips, strategies, and stories around dating that will help you find and keep THE One.

Learn from a Matchmaker

Are you looking for a long-term relationship that lasts?

You came to the right place.

This is not about a quick fix, about one-night-stands or the latest pickup lines. This is about learning how to choose your partner for life.

More thought needs to go into finding The One than into finding a quick affair. But how do you do that? There are so many questions around dating that are answered in courses and services by Gabriele Strasky.

A matchmaker looks at relationships differently and knows that passing on insider knowledge and techniques is the best help a single can get.

May you never be the same again and may your happiness and the romance last till the very last day.


You only have to show up for it.

Hi, I’m Gabriele Strasky

I am a matchmaker, trainer, relationship coach and an author. I started matchmaking in Hollywood, CA in 2001. Since then I have given lectures and seminars in 9 countrie where I have helped many singles in many countries to sort out their love life and lead them into a fulfilled relationship with the one they love.

I helps singles acquire the skills they need to find and be confident they will keep the love of their life, without wasting time on a wrong partner so they can spend the rest of their life in a happy and harmonious relationship.

Through my seminars, I also helped to salvage several marriages on the brink of divorce. I was featured in a series of radio shows on love, dating and relationships and also have my own column about love in an online magazine. I help clients from all over the world in English and German.